Software Development on Android?

I have always been an Android fan after switching from iOS a decade ago. Android is an operating system based on Linux, the great old OS running on nearly almost any device one could think of. Being an engineer by heart I constantly tinker and find how things work so one day while being idle from work, I thought of making better use of my mobile phone not just for checking incoming notifications and social media, but to maximise it’s use when not being used as a phone. That’s when I came up to the idea of using it as my daily driver for writing code and you know what it has surprised me in some ways.

Well as they say, “there’s an app for that”. A few clicks and a Google Play search later, I found this amazing app called Andronix — it gives you the power of a full fledged computer level operating system on your Android device.

After a few hours of typing linux commands on the tiny terminal (it uses Termux as the terminal emulator) I was able to setup 3 websites appropriate for my web development:

I then setup secure SSH to be able to connect remotely and work on my computer and on a larger screen, fired up Visual Studio Code with the Remote – SSH extension and voila — a complete development environment running on my mobile phone!

If you are interested on setting something similar up and need help, feel free to drop in a comment below.

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