Intro to Crypto

A couple of weeks ago I started learning about Bitcoin and the technology behind it called the Blockchain. I even started buying my first Bitcoin (BTC) and other Altcoins (Alternative coins to Bitcoin) and now I’m hooked!

These series of posts will document my journey into this exciting but risky world of Crypto-currencies and Bitcoin.

For those readers in Australia 🇦🇺, I have found this local exchange to be one of the best. Use my referral link if you wish to check it out:

To start, you need a hardware wallet to store your private keys. Think of these keys as your proof of ownership to your blockchain wallet. The blockchain is an online ledger of cryptocurrency transactions stored in thousands of computers around the world. A hardware wallet is not necessary but highly recommended if you are serious about investing in Bitcoins and other Altcoins. It is an offline storage of your keys and you would not want potential hackers gaining access to your keys and effectively your wallet wouldn’t you?

I use one of the most popular and affordable wallets around. It is from a company called Ledger. It’s called the Ledger Nano S retailing for around $109 AUD at this time of writing.

That’s it for now, next week I’m going write about crypto exchanges and how to buy and sell coins in the market.